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Hotevilla-Bacavi is a Native American village located in northeastern Arizona, approximately 70 miles northeast of Flagstaff. The village is situated within the Hopi Reservation and is home to members of the Hopi tribe.

The village is actually made up of two separate but contiguous communities: Hotevilla and Bacavi. Hotevilla, which means “the place of the people” in the Hopi language, is the older of the two communities and is located on a mesa overlooking the surrounding desert landscape. Bacavi, on the other hand, is situated in the valley below, closer to the banks of the Little Colorado River.

Hotevilla-Bacavi is a traditional Hopi village, and residents continue to adhere to the customs and traditions of their ancestors. The village is home to several kivas, which are underground ceremonial chambers used for religious ceremonies and social gatherings. The kivas are considered sacred spaces and are central to the spiritual and cultural life of the community.

The people of Hotevilla-Bacavi continue to practice traditional farming methods, growing corn, beans, and squash in the arid desert environment. Agriculture is a vital part of the community’s way of life, and the people take great pride in their ability to sustain themselves from the land.

In addition to farming, the village also has a strong tradition of arts and crafts, including pottery, basket weaving, and jewelry making. These traditional crafts are passed down from generation to generation and are an important source of income for many residents.

Despite being a small and relatively isolated community, Hotevilla-Bacavi is a vibrant and close-knit village. The people take great pride in their cultural heritage and work hard to preserve their traditional way of life. The village also plays a central role in the larger Hopi reservation, serving as a hub for social, cultural, and religious activities.

Overall, Hotevilla-Bacavi is a unique and important part of the Hopi reservation, and its residents are dedicated to maintaining their cultural traditions and way of life for future generations.

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